Advantages of Incidents and Risk Management platform

Using any device the incident can be raised to the system from anywhere and at any given moment of time. The location of the incident, the information about the events is collected on time.

The in-built workflow functions in such a way that incidents are raised to the concerned department. All the incidents are captured in one centralized location. This will allow the authorities to detect the core problems and imply preventive measures so that the incidents do not occur again.

E6-IRMP plays an important role in the organization.

The smooth functioning of any establishment could be disturbed if there is no coordination in risk management. With this, even the staff and clients can also be affected. Ignorance in some issues could also result in fatality. If the organization has a risk management and incident management platform then the incidents will be captured and properly coordinated actions can be taken to avoid any future calamities.

What does the E6-IRMP package consist of?

Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM the E6-IRMP is built. It consists of a centralized data repository that collects and analyses the data. This identifies the core issues and helps in reducing the incidents. The centralized workflow, dashboards, and features used for escalation and also to keep a track of the incidents.

Implementation of the E6-IRMP

E6-IRMP is implemented only after knowing the risks involved in the organization, the mechanism to report, data that is collected at the time of incidents, and the procedure of escalation. It is also implemented on how the data is collected, the data type, and the category of the risk.

Advantages of Incidents and Risk Management platform

Approach using E6 to implement the incidents and Risk Management Platform.


Recognize the aims, vision, stakeholders, services, and the objective of the organization.


Assess the present digital environment that is not restricted to people, policies, procedures, processes, data, tools, technologies, governance, and functional framework, voids in the current system in providing the services.


Depending on the results of the assessment, we build a strategy and implement the plan to get the route for executing.


We make sure that the execution of the strategies takes place to reach the goals and objectives.


We offer constant attention to make sure the digital risk platform is aligned completely and also effective.


The KPI's and the results are measured to identify regular opportunities.


Dashboards and reports

A number of dashboards to find real real-time for the users are provided by this platform which is done in an intuitive and efficient manner. It provides a number of reports for enabling service delivery and decision-making as well.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used to build this platform. It can be used in the cloud or on-site.


The processes, workflow, and data are configured and customized to get in sync with the needs and the organization process.


Security as per industry standards like the HL7 is used. Security is role-based which can be accessed by some users to get information.


The internal systems and outer legacy systems are integrated.


A secure mobile application is used to provide updates for the field staff.

Secure Notification

Process automation and secure notifications.

Central Database

There are records in the central database that can be shared among numerous agencies and give an all-round view of the client.


IRMP devised by us will allow

  • The incidents to be reported anytime, using any device, and from anywhere.
  • The incidents to be escalated to the concerned department.
  • Custom form development as per the needs of the establishment.
  • To analyze the core problem and pattern by collecting the incidents in a centralized location.
  • The Managers and the supervisors to give and include the information of incidents that are reported.
  • The incidents to be created by the managers and supervisors in place of the direct reports.
  • The incidents to be categorized depending on how critical the incident is?
  • The notification of the concerned persons to be secure.
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