PALOMINO dish rack 18 inch Utensil Kitchen Rack (Steel)

Rs. 1,185.00Rs. 2,499.00

Dish Rack



PALOMINO presents a compact, efficient storage method for your kitchen utensils like plates, spoons, bowls, and glasses. Racks can add a lot of space to your kitchen and help with organization, which is key to the smooth running of the kitchen. It is also a breeze to assemble. Can Hold more than 15 plates & bowls and can fit in any limited space settings High-Grade Stainless Steel used that resists corrosion, so you can store your wet utensils on it without worry. You can store your utensils in this tray right after washing them. With the design, the excess water can be allowed to drain into the sink. Rack Size ( L X H ) – 18 inches X 18 inches, Easy To Assemble And Clean.


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